hing ▓obsequiously crin


our entrance ▓the muzhik awoke and got up.▓His mighty brown beard almost covered his

ging a
bout th●e peasant woman


breast●, which showed through his o▓pen shirt, and was covered with a

I did
[Pg 308]● not like.It w


thick crust●.This peasant, however, read th●e paper, spoke of the war, and pu●t a

as all
quite different in th


very interesting question.A little w●hile before the Countess Sasha had b●een at his ho

e▓ ne


use with Bryan, who had v●isited her father.The muzhik and his v●isitor had be


come rather frie●ndly.Now the muzhik read in the paper that th●e A

mericans are enemies of Russia.Ho▓w about his friend Bryan The countess, therefo●re, had to tell h

xt house,


im whether Bry▓an had now become his personal enemy.She reass▓ured

him, laughing.The peasant woman acco▓mpanied us out of the house, and ma●de the characteristic sp

which belo


eech: I am ashamed; we ●live here like pigs; but what is any on▓e to do We are

so, and can't ●help it! In the same house is the little vil▓lage hospital, which for the present is only a m●ov

able affair.This is kept ▓really clean.The amount of

illness is large.Th▓e peasants from the surrounding country come ▓also, and the doctor often has to treat● fo

rty patients in a single office hour.He is ▓said to be

an able man and a good one—a matter ●of course in[Pg 309] Tolsto's vicinit▓y.Whether one wishes it or not●, one is dra

wn out here in the atmos●phere of pure kindliness.When

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